1. Hello,

    We would like to inquire about your mini aussies. We have an American Eskimo that is 2.5 years old already. He’s 30 lbs and neutered. We just want a second addition to our family!!

    We are looking for a mini aussie that would be max 25 lbs when it is full grown. The smaller the better. 🙂

    As for color, we were thinking of black tri or a whiter blue merle. (Actually I love the blue merle but my husband prefers less freckles on the face if it is a blue merle. Is there any blue merle that wouldn’t be as spotty on the face?)


    April and Jimmy

    1. Hello, April and Jimmy, we would love to talk to you and are very happy to answer any questions that you have about our amazing upcoming puppies.

      Give us a call (707) 349-0316

      Diana and Robert
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